With the increasing popularity of SMS marketing and email marketing technology, why would businesses use voice broadcasting campaigns instead?
Think about it: If you were sending this message to a friend or client, would you email it, text it, or leave a voice message?
Voice SMS allows businesses to simultaneously communicate with as many people as possible. Many people have made use of voice broadcasting, from governmental bodies to businesses and community groups. The system can make multiple outbound calls at a time. For voice calls that do not get completed as the user’s phone is busy, not-reachable etc, retry mechanism is available.
If you’re a business seeking to connect with as many customers as possible in a more personal and consistent way, voice broadcasting is well worth considering.

What’s special about it?
Record and send voice messages using our In-App recorder which is easier and convenient.
You can view overall campaign of Voice SMS sent over a period.
Schedule your Voice messages at a preferred date or time.
What’s more, our prices are affordable and Voice SMS balance does not expire.
Choose any language of your choice
Messages are charged only for successful calls connected and SMS can as well be sent if voice call is not received.
Why You should Use Bec Voice SMS

Instead of a standard SMS text message or ‘spray and pray’ email marketing campaign, voice broadcasting campaigns can be scripted to provide a personalized message that can peak an immediate interest by the recipient.

Consistency Voice Broadcasting Campaigns
When connecting with a large number of clients and prospects can be difficult to provide the same level of consistency when making voice calls manually. Launching a voice broadcasting campaign creates a 100% consistent and uniform message for your entire target audience to hear.

Interactive voice broadcasting campaigns allow recipients to listen to the voice message and use the phone’s keypad to interact with the system. Businesses can use this to send out phone surveys, confirm appointments and even direct the caller to another menu or the appropriate extension.

Cost Effective
Voice broadcasting campaigns are relatively inexpensive, and allows you to deploy a message through a medium not as widely used as other marketing channels. Voice broadcasts merit almost immediate attention, especially when transmitted to cellular phone numbers.