becSMS service is a quick, cheap, convenient and reliable Bulk SMS platform that connects to over 700 telecom operators in over 150 countries.

The service provide users to connect and send bulk SMS through three main channels; Web Client, HTTP Connectivity, and SMPP Connectivity.

You can also contact us with your special requests.

becSMS comes with a number of benefits such as;

  1.  No Setup Fee
  2. Free Test Credits on sign on
  3. Credit bought for sending of SMS never expires
  4. Users can build their contacts and groups online. Hence they are always available
  5. Users can send directly from excel or upload messages to be sent from excel
  6. And much more

SMS for Businesses, Inviduals, Schools, Churches, NGOs etc

Communiate with your contacts across all networks. Start sending SMS today.


So sign up and test it. Testing is FREE.